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A cooperative (also co-operative; often referred to as a co-op) is a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit. See wikipedia

General assembly:

An assembly of 60 percent of all members has the right:

  • to choose the members of the board.
  • to decide on the distribution of the top 50 percent of the profit in case the

What to do in case of a lower turn-out?


A member must be a qualified Ruby developer. (What is a qualified ruby developer?).


A board consists off at least three members:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer


A coreteam constists of at least two members and has the responsibility for the total implementation of an assignment.

Assignment (project):

An assignment is done iteratively. An iteration is one week which equals 40 working hours. At the start of an assignment the co-op gives an total estimation on the base of an average (initial) estimation of (at least?) three members.