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What are succesfull co-operatives as an example for the Ruby Co-op?


Calcedon is a bleeding-edge company, and we don’t limit our progressive thinking to just technology.

We’ve adopted a Co-op model of doing business to create a better community of developers, and better results for our customers.

Hate turning away projects you don’t have time for? Hate working alone? Hate doing Sales? Marketing? Management?

The Calcedon Co-op is perfect for developers and designers who freelance or work on projects part-time, but miss the team environment or have trouble finding projects that are just big enough for them and their time. The cooperative allows the benefits of a freelancer, while removing those aspects of a freelancer that you don’t like (i.e. working alone, management of clients, sales, development, etc… do only what you enjoy!).


  • Receive work from the Co-op
  • Work on what you want
  • Sales commission for directing work to the Co-op
  • Work on teams for projects that need more than one asset
  • Management commission for projects you manage
  • Allow Calcedon to help you do more

Gaslight software

A Cincinnati based Software Development Cooperative

Gaslight Software is a group of independent developers who have formed a strong bond of trust through many years of close association. We are formalizing our ad hoc relationship into a single working entity that can focus on delivering consistent results.