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  • By member.
  • By the Co-op (=board).

What provision do I get if my lead is accepted as a assignment by the co-op?

5 percent of the revenu generated by the assignment in the first year.

Initial estimation and planning:

Planning poker?


Who is writing the formal proposal for the customer?

Coreteam (assignment):

Minimal of two members.

How is a coreteam assembled?


How does an individual member contribute to a project?

  • By (cucumber) feature?
  • By specification (RSpec/Shoulda/Testunit)?

When and how is the contribution of a member accepted?

By a member of the coreteam.

How much does the member get paid for its contribution?

Standard tarif per hour multiplied by the storypoints (see HOW DO STORY POINTS RELATE TO HOURS?).


  • Github for the central (remote) repository.
  • Lighthouse as the ticketing system.
  • Pivotal tracker for planning and estimation.
  • Campfire or Talkerapp (?) for the groupchat.
  • Skype for group conversations.
  • iChat for pair programming sessions.